The First International Conference on Healthy Water in the Arab World

 CAIRO WATER DECLARATION…Water Right Linked to Human Health


The Arab Healthy Water Association, AHWA, is honored to announce its First International Conference on “Healthy Water in the Arab World,” June 7th-9th, 2006, Cairo, Egypt, with the slogan “Healthy Water is the Right of All; Healthy Water for Healthy Citizens”.


Conference Organizers:

Conference Sponsors:

The First International Conference on Healthy Water in the Arab World is conducted under the patronage of a group of ministers and eminent officials on water, health, and environment in the Arab world including:

Honorary President of the Conference:

H.E. Prof. Mahmoud Abu Zeid,

Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Egypt

Under The Auspices of:

H.E. Eng. Ahmed Amin El-Maghraby,                     

Ministry of Housing, Utilities & Urban Development


H.E. Eng. Maged George Elias Ghattas,                  

Ministry of State for the Environment Affairs 




H.E. Prof. Hatem Mostafa El-Gabaly,                                        Ministry of Health and Population  


H.E. Prof. Ali El-Sayed Al-Moselhi,                                          Ministry of Social Solidarity                                               


 Conference President:

         Prof. Maghawry Shehata Diab

Conference Vice President:

Dr. Radwan Al Weshah

Conference Coordinator:

Dr. Khaled Abu Zeid

Conference Objectives:

The main objective of the conference is to provide a forum for public administrators, owners, specialists, professionals, and researchers from different parts of the world in the field of healthy water in the Arab world. These professionals will have the opportunity to discuss practical ideas, share experience, knowledge, and vision in order to adopt and achieve a culture of healthy water in the Arab world among water producers, users of potable water, or water used in food and medicine production.

Conference Themes: 

Topics cover, but are not limited to:

  1. Water resources and water management in the Arab world

  2. Water standards of healthy water for different purposes

  3. Environmental impacts on water quality in the Arab World

  4. Water technology for changing natural water to healthy water

  5. Economy of healthy water technology

  6. Potable water networks, design, performance, usage, and maintenance

  7. Media and spread of healthy water culture

A keynote speaker will be invited for each conference theme.


For more details, please contact:

Fax: +2027606792, +2033748630

Cell: +20123252582, +20121137607, +20125032087

Post mail: Naser City, Cairo, Egypt,

P.C.: 11371, Box: 8140

E-mail: ahwamagazine@mgwater.com


The Arab Healthy Water Association cordially invites all who are interested in the fields of water, health, and environment to participate in the First International Conference on Healthy Water in the Arab World. This conference will be excellent for engineers, scientists, researchers, ministries, authorities, organizations, and NGOs which are interested in the conference topics.

Acceptance of papers:

Abstracts will be accepted through April 30th, 2006. Full papers will be accepted through May 15th, 2006. Application for participation in the conference will be from December 1st, 2005 until the conference date.

Conference language:

If the paper is submitted in Arabic, an English summary of around 300 words is required. If the paper is submitted in English, an Arabic summary of around 300 words is required.

Conference Publications:

The Arab Healthy Water Association will specify a special issue of the magazine, Water, Health and Environment, for publication of  accepted papers. The magazine will include advertising pages and topics about sponsors of the conference.


Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence—a gracious sanctuary on the west bank of the Nile; a luxury hotel in Cairo, Egypt. Visit the web site at http://www.fourseasons.com/cairofr

Registration Fees:

For non AHWA Members

·         For Egyptians                       350 L.E.

·         For non-Egyptians               $350

·         For students                         30 L.E.

For AHWA Members

·         For Egyptians                       300 L.E.

·         For non-Egyptians               $300

For Organizations (max. 10 participants)

      ·         Inside Egypt                         2500 L.E.

        ·         Outside Egypt                     $2500

Registration fees cover attendance of sessions, breaks, and publications, and lunches, but do not cover transportation and accommodation. Registration fees may be paid on registration day or sent to Arab Investment Bank AIB –Egypt, Naser City, Cairo, Egypt, SWIFT: AINBEGCANSR, Arab Healthy Water Association,  Account no. 865664.

Egyptian Entry Visa Requirements:

You may visit this web site for information. http://www.cairo-airport.com/pass_visa.asp

“… there is sufficient epidemiological evidence of an inverse relationship between calcium and magnesium concentrations in drinking water and ischemic heart disease mortality, and … consumption of water containing calcium and magnesium, and therefore also the reintroduction of Mg and Ca into demineralized water in the remineralization process would likely provide health benefits …. There are no known harmful human health effects associated with the addition of calcium and magnesium within a large range and the nutritional benefits are well known. In addition, limited but suggestive evidence exists for benefits associated with other diseases (stroke, renal stone formation, cognitive impairment in elderly, very low birth weight, bone fractures among children, pregnancy complications, hypertension, and possibly some cancers). Adding calcium and magnesium to the demineralized water would be a relatively inexpensive preventive intervention that does not require individual behavioural change, and it is already done as part of many water treatment processes. The intervention could not only provide health benefits but also help reduce medical care costs.”

World Health Organization

August 2004